Aquarists have the capability to be a positive or negative force on our coral reefs. We believe that through education, aquarists will understand the necessity of aquaculture, mariculture and captive breeding as sustainable solutions to avoid the destruction of our coral reefs. Furthermore, our industry is at risk of losing access to the marine life we cherish through environmental protection regulations unless we join in to demanding sustainable practices in our industry.

By becoming an aquarist member with The Reef Insitute, you will be actively helping us save our coral reefs and our hobby by choosing aquacultured, maricultured, and captive-bred marine life. All Aquarist Club members will benefit from: the opportunity to attend monthly meetings and workshops at no cost, direct Q & A’s with Dr. Charlie on Thursday evenings or through email, and choose from our aquaculture coral maricultured by middle and high school students through our marine science clubs.