Distance Learning

This is our most versatile educational offering. This “virtual field trip” give students the chance to stay in their classroom, while seeing a broader view of life beyond the waves. All you need is a computer, speakers, wifi and a projector to feel like you have a window to explore so many things in the ocean.  

Offerings can be for Kindergarten through College.  A typical session lasts a classroom period of 35 - 60 minutes.  Multiple classes in a school can “tune in” at once, or you can have access to a marine scientist for a full school day.  There are options to live stream from either The Reef Institute Facility or our great outdoors.

 Each session includes interactions and direct access to a marine scientist or marine veterinarian.  This educational experience can be built around your topic of choice pertaining to marine science or specific Florida marine related ecosystems or animals.  


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