Because who doesn’t want to be a marine biologist one day?

The Reef Institute utilizes the EPA’s Stewardship Continuum to relate all programs back to creating a generation of skilled stewards. Beginning at the awareness stage with touch points through outreach events and ending in stewardship with a greater understanding and appreciation of our environment.

Our educational philosophy is to intentionally move those we teach from merely becoming aware of the plight of coral to becoming a better steward of the ocean at large.

Distance learning

Although coral reefs are found in less than 1% of the surface area of the world’s oceans, they support a riot of biodiversity, with 25% of the Earth’s marine creatures relying upon them for food and shelter. Learn from Reef Institute marine educators online no matter where your class is and learn firsthand about the immense biodiversity of the Florida Reef Tract.

outdoor classrooms

The Florida Reef Tract is the third largest barrier reef in the world and the largest reef off of continental North America. We offer outdoor classrooms to work directly with our marine scientists and experience the research that will save our Florida Reef Tract.

Field Trips

The Florida Reef Tract is home to many native, non-native, and invasive species. The Reef Institute offers both in house field trips or at our facility in West Palm Beach. Students have an opportunity to learn about an array of topics through our hands-on, station-based field trips.

in school partnerships

The Florida Reef Tract may be completely disintegrated by 2050, we are facilitating field intensives, daily marine biology education, and after school marine clubs partnering throughout Florida with K-12 educators to prepare the next generation.