Palm Beach County is home to many species of hard corals, reef-building organisms that not only protect our coastlines by breaking up wave activity but that create habitat, adding to a greater diversity and abundance of marine organisms off our shores.

aquarist club and coral database

The latest global coral reef assessment estimates that 19 percent of the world's coral reefs are dead. Aquarists have the opportunity to be part of the solution by joining our Aquarist Club and registering with our coral database network which tracks the health and successes.

research internships

Our research internships are available to high school seniors, undergraduate students, and graduate researchers. Currently, The Reef Institute has two research internship options available. Past research projects include the effects of sunscreen on coral reefs and Peanut Island monitoring.

coral monitoring initiative

Peanut Island’s artificial reefs have been growing and propagating coral since 2005. The Reef Institute is identifying fish and coral previously unobserved this far north on the Florida Reef Tract.

spawning and seedbanking

With South Florida’s developmental growth, it has become more important to be create a seed bank of coral that once flourished throughout the Florida Reef Tract. The Reef Institute is part of a consortium to ensure the survival of several coral species.