Over the past three years, a new coral disease has become one of the deadliest threats to the Florida Reef Tract, wiping out about 50 percent of our coral. We are at the forefront of reversing the damage and restoring the health of our Florida Reef Tract.


Our Mission

Coral reef conservation through education, research, and restoration.

The kids are now recognizing the issues we have in our environment and are becoming part of the solution, through coming up with ideas to solve marine life problems.
— Mrs. Cheryl Kenney, 5th Grade Teacher at Limestone Creek Elementary

What We've Achieved

  • Awareness - Partner throughout the county to host 500+ outreach events, virtual field trips, and outdoor classrooms.

  • Knowledge - Established the 200+ member Aquarist Club, hosting workshops to educate members on how to improve coral health and resilience.

  • Critical Thinking - Facilitate marine biology to over 4,000 K-12 students monthly focusing on 5E problem-based learning.

  • Problem Solving - Guide high school and college intern research projects, including: sunscreen research, ocean temperature resilience studies, and marine animal husbandry.

  • Decision Making - Seedbank endangered and rare coral at our facility to ensure genetic preservation of Caribbean coral species.

  • Action - Monitor the Peanut Island artificial reefs, creating a baseline database of coral health, growth, and settlement.

  • Stewardship - Shift the Florida Reef Tract’s projected longevity through: researching increased biodiversity through recycled substrate utilization; building partnerships with local schools, businesses, and governments to establish sustainable ordinance; and uniting our next generation to become skilled ocean stewards.